Tuesday, 28 January 2014



Symmetrical balance

It is symmetrical because there are the same amount of stories on either side and also the women is in the middle of the page which is also very symmetrical, the only thing that is now symmetrical in the front cover is the models hair which is only on one side of the page.

Asymmetrical balance

This is asymmetrical (informal) balance because there is more on the left side that is bigger (headlines) compared to the smaller model on the right. They make it balanced because the model is looking towards the right that addresses the reader to look over there. 

This is asymmetrical by colour because there is the same amount of black and yellow on the left side compared to the right side. Also the white is asymmetrical on either side and also the title 'Vibe' is white at the top of the front cover and the word 'unstoppable' is white and they are opposite making them asymmetrical.

This is asymmetrical by shape because Oprah's hair is very detailed making it very intricate compared to the other items on the front cover, therefore her hair is the focus point on the page.

This is asymmetrical by position because there is a larger item on the right, the model,  and many other smaller items on the left side of the page, it is balanced because the  the writing 'M2' balances the side of the head and also the text below the title balances with body.

This is asymmetrical by position because there is a larger item in the middle, therefore it is balanced out by all the smaller text items around the model, making it balanced.

This is a symmetrical by texture because the top and skirt is very detailed and has a lot of texture compared to the non-textured yellow background.

This is asymmetrical by eye direction because she is eating the chocolate and looking at the camera presenting a direct mode of address so the reader instantly looks at the model and what she is doing.

This has radial balance because all the titles and coupons evenly spread out around the models head, they radiate from the centre which is the models head.

This is asymmetrical by value because the large amount of blue on the models dress is balanced by the orange and black font colour.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Magazine Analysis

Lifestyle Magazines and Who They Are Aimed At
This magazine is aimed at men clearly due to the title of the magazine is 'Men's Health' therefore it is targeted for the male audience. The magazine uses quotes to engage the audience for example 'Strip away belly fat!' therefore it is a guide on how to make men much healthier and have a better looking body because it also quotes 'Sex tonight' therefore by being healthier you will get more girls, which the magazine is advertising. 

A celebrity is used because it engages the reader because it attract the attention from the audience because the celebrity is generally very healthy, well known and they fascinate people.

They also use catchy titles that are very informal, therefore this will attract a lot more younger people compared to older people, they do this to guide them on how to be healthier and have a better future ahead of them if they follow what the magazine says.

This magazine is an American magazine, therefore it uses very famous American's that are involved with fashion, health and are well known world-wide. 

They use colours that would attract more women than men, for example a lot of pink is used. They also used contrasting colours that stand out boldly on the page to draw readers in as they know that a front cover that has eye catching and bright harmonious colours would attract more people compared to dull colours. 

As the target audience is generally for 16-20's they would not use colours that would be found in older magazines, instead colours that represent a younger age group meaning it is suitable for the audience. 

On the front cover, design is probably the most thought out element of a magazine, this is because the design should correspond with the target audience. 

Therefore all the fonts the designers use are a mixture between informal and formal because it will suit the audience. However they use formal font to attract the older members of the magazine's audience. They do not use bubble writing because it is very childish and would not appeal to the audience. 

Also magazines add a key elect and that is both fashion and free download. this is because free downloads appeal to a audience with little money to spend on extra music and they give a bonus to buy the magazines. Also the fashion element gives to the the magazine that the competitors because it addresses the female element of the audience, however fashion within men is on the uprise. Both of these elements give bonuses to the magazines attracting the audience to buy them. 

In magazines choosing the right mode of address is a key element of making the magazine both suitable and appealing to the reader.

in this magazine they have amplified how they treat their reader, they acknowledge them as they are the readers friend. This ensures the formal and casual element of the magazine. They have done this as the target audience is between 16-20's, where they have more time of socialising and a period of fun before more repsonsibility - therefore they address the audience as friends and very informal.

Also cover lines such 'in fashion' and 'summers hottest' shows that they advertise a variety of things instead of the normal music and celebrities. therefore the reader reads the cover very casually and is engaged to sheer amount of things that are offered to them. They also use words such as 'you and your' to make it as if the magazine is talking to the reader and they are very catchy therefore they are yet again being spoken to as a friend and how they can help them do better in society.

Images also play a role in attracting the right and desired audience, for this magazine females are the audience between 16-30. The image of Cheryl Cole in the magazine connotes sexy, good looking and it gives women an aspiration and represent how their lifestyle is and how they could effect the readers lifestyle if they follow what she says and does.

Also the images uses a costume that represents the type of fashion to wear to look good and attract men. Therefore the model promotes fashion, health and wealth. The pink colours promote her as a very ideal person to admire and also as her head is above the glamour title it connotes that she is above glamour.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.