Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Lifestyle Conventions 1&2

Convention 2

There is a model or celebrity on the front cover as the main image and he/she is looking directly at the camera.
A celebrity/model is used because it attracts the attention of the audience because they are generally well known and they fascinate people. Also they are very fashionable and healthy so they advertise the essentials for people to buy the magazines.

The model/celebrity are always looking at the camera because they attract you! And because the stories are aimed at you, they look at the camera to engage you.

The effect on the reader is that a direct mode of address is used so everything is aimed at you. Therefore they get your attention by directly addressing each story at you.

Convention 3
Direct mode of address is used - the magazine is talking to you and make a direct reference to your lifestyle. For example: Lose your gut, Impress your girlfriend, New styles for you!

Find examples of direct mode of address in the above magazine. Why is this used? What effect does it have on the target audience?

An example of direct mode of address is 'Already in your Wardrobe.' This is used because the direct mode of address engages the reader because the magazine is talking to the reader as a coach/friend. Therefore it makes the reader feel special and this means the reader buys the magazine, which the magazine needs, sales.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Introduction to Lifestyle Magazines

1.) Identify the different 'types' of content in the magazine.

There are many different types of content within lifestyle magazines and the most common are: Health, fitness, leisure, fashion, decoration and culture. 
For example in this picture they advertise health as a big issue and make it very clear to a certain audience. As you can see it says 'Lose Your Gut!' which is a guide/story in the magazine on how to lose weight which is associated with health. Also in the cosmopolitan magazine you can see that fashion is advertised because it says shop like a genius which is promoting shopping for clothes a.k.a fashion. However the most important thing that is advertised in magazines is health and how to make your body look better.

2.) Discuss the layout of the page. From your analysis what gender and type of person is this magazine for?

This is a contents page of the magazine 'GLAMOUR'. The word glamour is usually aimed at the female audience, this means that this magazine is for a young female. Also the colours are in a variety of orange which connotes happiness, sun and women - therefore the colours attract the audience that it is aimed at. Also the text on the left has no equality to the picture on the right therefore the designer of the magazine wants you to focus on the women, fashion (clothes she is wearing) and as you are focusing on the women they can also be seen as an object of desire yet again. Also the way the girl is standing wither her legs apart and her hands in her pockets connotes her power or girl power which also attracts the female audience. Also the issues on the left are the most important issues with catchy captions such as 'Hotties' to attract the audience.

How would someone hope to benefit from buying these type if magazines?

Someone would benefit from buying these types of magazines because they can learn how to become fitter and healthier due to the sheer amount of stories of how to get fitter within the magazines. Therefore someone could become much healthier from buying these magazines. Furthermore, people may find very good deals for fashionable clothing (coupons) to get expensive items dramatically cheaper. For example a mum between the ages 30-45 could lose some weight from birth due to the tips they have been given. Also men who are very young could learn how to feet a good looking body with some simple tips and also young and old female/men could get some good fashion products for very cheap.

Connotations of Album Covers

Connotations of Album Covers
In this album cover there are many connotations. For example the writing is in gold which connotes that he is very rich and that he can afford gold items. Also it shows his confidence in winning awards because a grammy is gold and the gold could mean he knows this album will win an award. The name of the album is 20/20 which connotes that this album is not just for listening but it will empower you so the album says you feel the music. Lastly, it says J.T instead of Justin Timberlake. The connotations are that many people will recognise J.T on the album, this connotes that he knows he is well known meaning he doesn't need to say his full name.

In this album you can clearly see what type of genre of music this is in. Rap music. Therefore it is very stereotypical with the gold teeth, gold jewellery and tattoos. The gold jewellery connotes that he has a lot of money meaning he shows it off to show his power to other men and to attract girls. Also the tattoos are clearly distinctive and he wears no shirt which connotes that he wants people to see his tattoos because yet again shows his money and power off which many rapers try and do.

This album is by the 'Hipster' artist Tyler, the Creator who produces rap songs. The connotations for two of him could suggest that he is aspiring to be that person because he is above his head meaning it is a thought. Also it may connote that from being a young 'Nerd' he has changed into a rapper who has completely forgotten who he was, this means he may of turned from a good person to a bad person. The color connotes a very chilled atmosphere because this blue is very icy which suggests relaxing and calm.

This album cover is based in rap music. The tattoos connote his power and wealth. The title is in clear and is the whitest color in the picture which means that they want you to instantly read this, also it is has been in my words ruined because the artist may of had a difficult upbringing or he is very violent. Also it is black and white which connotes it is very simple which means the songs may be very easy to understand and try and say a simple message.

This album cover presents his loneliness and also the title of the song is not all what it may seem. As you can see he is holding a dress to show that his wife or girlfriend has left him. Him being alone connotes that he does not want to be with anyone and he may be heartbroken. Lastly, everything is dark except his dress and his suit which connotes that he wants to stand out.

In this album cover you can see Rhiana naked, however the writing over her body stands out a lot. Also as they cover her body, this connotes that just because she is naked does not mean the audience should look at her. Furthermore, she is looking at the text and she may be thinking about the meaning of the word, a very controversial word 'Love'. She also looks very sad and the title of the song is apologetic which has a positive correlation, this means she is either very sorry or does not want to apologise to someone.

In this album cover Bob Marley is stating himself as a legen which he is, also he is not posing or looking at the camera therefore he is not boasting that he is a legend. He seems very calm in the picture as well and this may be to do with something that caught his attention away from the camera and therefore this may be why it is a good front cover.

In this album cover the cross in the picture stands out a lot because of the broken glass focusing on it and this connotes he is not just a thug. Or the broken glass is where is telling his enemy's to shoot him because he has been shot before, therefore this could be a threat to some people because of the glass and the cross shows that he is proud to be a Christian.

In this album cover Tupac has his fingers in a simple that says he is from the west side and that he is not from any other side. He shows his jewellery which connotes that he was rich and that he likes to know people who are rich. This album is every old and he had to show his enemy's that he was from the west because that is where Tupac lived and there was a lot of crime there which connotes that he had to keep him self protected. Here is Emeli Sande's cover of Our Version of Events.
On the cover Emeli is facing backwards from the camera and looking over her shoulder. This connotes that she is looking back to the past. On her back there a black rose that look dead this connotes that her past death may have occured. There is a dull background, possivle meaning that ahead of her is yet again more sadness. Her hair is grey but her face is still very young this connotes that she is feeling old and deprived. She also has very cheap ear rings which connotes that due to sadness she has lost a lot of money.