Monday, 10 March 2014

Exam: Section A : Question 3

Exam: Section A : Question 3

What two conventions did I use and why?

The magazine is titled 'Lass' as the magazine is predominately aimed at a female teenage audience. Furthermore, the magazine is very stereotypical towards teenage girls due to the large amount of girly colours for example in my magazine I used purple which connotes imagination. My colours are very feminine which would look aesthetically pleasing towards girls and would also attract many girls therefore I used girly colours to attract my audience.

'Aaron Paul' is the idol on the magazine front cover, connoting it will attract a variety of people who are attracted to Aaron paul, aspire to do what he does - acting and would have a teenage crush on. Also I used asymmetrical balance meaning the magazine looks balanced and does not look odd. Also with many vibrant colours the target audience is very obvious for example deep purple connoting that its aimed for teenage girls, also with titles for example 'Clothes that make your body look good.' Girls like their body to look good therefore the magazine is clearly seen as a teenage girls magazine.

What are the effects of my layout, typography, colour choice and language choice?

My layout is asymmetrical meaning that the model on the right side is balanced up by the stories making the front cover look aesthetically pleasing. Asymmetrical balance connotes chaotic and youthful which is ideal for my target audience.

My typography differs as the serious important titles are written in serif which connotes that it is a formal story and not immature. However I use sans serif font for funny, laid back stories which connotes that these stories are funny, immature and informal.

I used purple because it is a very girly colour and many teenage girls like the colour purple, therefore this would attract them to read and buy my magazine. Also purple connotes imagination which many teenage girls have.

I have used exlamatives on a serious cover story as this connotes that this story is very serious and has an important message that could affect your well-being healthily. Also I used alliteration that makes the reader read the cover story swiftly and is always repeatedly tells them the story as it is sounds like a rhyme. Also I used a pun which adds to the immaturity of the cover and also makes the page seem energetic and funny.

What issues of representation have I presented?

I have used many different fonts and this could cause a distraction for the reader, therefore by using the 3-4 instead of 5-6 fonts it would make the page much more simple and make it look better. Also some girls may not like the purple I used as they may like blue or yellow therefore I could have a wider range of colours and lastly some teenage girls may not like the model as the could not aspire to be Aaron Paul as it is not their aspiration.


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Font Sheet Homework

Font Sheet Homework

Here is the first slide with my six favourite fonts and a collage of all different types of logos and fonts.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.