Monday, 30 September 2013

Representation Homework

Representation Homework
Does Hip-Hop represent a rigid and narrow version of manhood?
Yes because in many videos men will have a lot of jewelry, good looking women around them, expensive cars and a lot of money. In the 50 cent video he is displaying all that and especially trying to show that he is though and strong by showing off his body a lot. Furthermore 50 cent shows of his money by showing off his cars, expensive jewelry and his expensive clothes many times. Therefore he is trying to say that to get good looking girls you need everything that he displays in his music video. Significantly, a sever amount of times he shows off expensive cars especially in the first scene of the video where he has a Lamborghini, does Donald Trump show off his money? 

The message of the story is that all girls are looking for men with money, cars and expensive clothes, whereas in reality many girls don't look for that - many look for good personality and in most cases looks. Also in 50 cent's video he is talking about a candy shop where he is trying to say something equivalent to a strip club due to the language he is using 'Lick my lolly pop.' This means he is trying to say that all men should have the qualities and privilege's that he desires to get as I have been saying may times to get good looking women. Also the women in the video where little clothing to show their good bodies, many girls show a lot of cleavage and dance very provocatively.

Lastly, 50 cent is inflicting that he will get all these girls not because of money nor cars but because he looks tough and has a muscular build - known as a mesomorph. And he says that all the wimps, weak men who could be nerds will not girls or the money because they need a good body. However Bill Gates can be classed as a nerd but he doesn't have a muscular body or look tough yet is probably a lot richer than 50 cent. This means that pop stars are stereotyped because they always want to look tough and show off their cars but in reality behind the camera they could be very clever and a nerd but don't show that because many people have an image on cars, money and girls in pop music videos. For example Blurred Lines unrated it has girls with no bra on showing off their body and how men who are rich only get them girls.




What you have here is good and you have responded well to the question, using examples solidly. 

T: Try to use more examples and key terminology (see VCOP Blog). Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc) and how they help you come to your conclusions.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Induction 3: Justification for TV Logo

Induction 3: Justification for TV Logo
My TV programme logo is to show how the best school beats up the worst school due to the grades, quality of teaching and the facilities available. The characters that will take place are high standard teachers vs low standard teacher, well behaved and high achieving students against students who don't care about their education. The storyline is that certain students and teachers will switch schools for a 3 months.

What tools did I learn whilst making for this Logo:
I learnt whilst using this are the magic wand tool, the gradient tool and moving images without ruining the image. With the magic wand tool i cropped out white backgrounds so i could have the image look nice with the gradient and not look tatty. The gradient was used to make a red corner and blue corner to make it look like a boxing ring, that's why there is a boxing ring in the middle. Also I used the move tool so I could move my images around into the positions I want. I would rate my logo very clean and you will be able to detonate and connote many things. I hope people will understand how the schools will battle it out for a better reputation on the TV programme. I could make the boxing ring look cleaner in the middle and also add a gradient to the boxing ring, also the gradient could look more glossy and have a professional finish.

The tools I used were gradient to make the red and blue background, this makes it seem more like a boxing ring with the blue and red corner so it connotes that the schools are fighting to see which one is better. Also I used the blur tool to blur the edges of the boxing gloves so it would be harder to see the white edges on the boxing gloves.

Further connotations show that the school with graffiti and low grades show that it is a very poor school where the students do not care about their education and it may be in the urban area of London in a very poor area. Where as the other school connotes that it achieves very well and has very traditional handwriting showing that the school is full of students who want to do well and it is shown by the A*'s in the logo showing the the fight between the schools and which school is better.

Monday, 16 September 2013

How to color splash in Photoshop

How to color splash in Photoshop

How to color splash for dummies:
Firstly you would want a new layer with an image of your choose, after right click on the layer and select the option duplicate layer. 
Secondly, on the duplicated layer press the eye image so the second layer will not appear then click on the first layer again. 
Thirdly choose the layer which has the image and go to the option on the bar at the top that says image, once you have clicked that choose adjustments and for adjustments choose black and white. Once you have done that simply make the second layer visible and then select the eraser to whilst the second layer is selected. 
Lastly hen you have chosen the eraser tool just click and hold with the eraser the area you want your image to have the black and white and leave parts of the image where you want color.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Denotation/Connotation Homework

Detonation - I see a rainbow going through a triangle, on the other side of triangle its a white line or could happen the other way round. It also has a black background.
Connotation - The triangle could suggest that they may be involved with the illuminati, also they may like colors and like rainbows and transformation, the rainbow changes in to a white line. This could mean the artist is a hipster or indie and may like change because the rainbow changes to a white line.                                                                                                                
 Detonation - I see a bay under water with the band logo in the corner, he seems to be naked and has a dollar with him underwater.
Connotation - He may be naked because his parents haven't dressed him, he also may off jumped in the swimming pool because he really wants the dollar and could get candy with it. The could suggest that the artist was a rich child or always looking for money and now his got a lot of money. Nirvana is something you pursue, maybe he or she has always been pursuing money
 Detonation -  I see a man in a shadow with the word cash above his head.
Connotation - The man may be in debt and that's why he is in a black shadow, also he could be depresses and the word 'cash' may suggest that he doesn't enjoy having cash due to the fame or he wants more cash. This could mean he doesn't enjoy how he earns his money or he doesn't want to be seen.

Detonation - I see four mean walking across a zebra crossing in different color suits down a very quiet road.
Connotation - The men may come from different types of upcoming meaning they are crossing, they also look like a bridge across the road and it may be the lead singer at the front and less important part of the band at the back.

Detonation - I see a coastline, with the sea and farmland with tress, also a lighthouse in the distance.
Connotation - This picture may suggest they like being near the coast and living outdoors, it is also in cartoon meaning it could be made up. Also its very stereotypical with the sea blue and the grass perfectly green, it also has no roads meaning it could be secluded.
 Detonation - In this picture i see lines meeting that form mountains.
Connotation - This could mean that they like geography and like how geographical maps work, also they may like certain mountain areas like the peak district or love living adventitiously.
 Detonation - I see the band AC DC and very faintly back black, and a black background.
Connotation - This could suggest they like dark colors and are Goth's, also they may not want people to know what they are bringing back.

Detonation - I see a Christ cross with a yellow outline and a black background.
Connotation - The band may be religious or indie, due to to many indie's these days liking the Christ cross. They may even do this for Easter Sunday due to Jesus being nailed to the cross. This could mean they believe in God and want to make people see that.
Detonation - I see a young girl with two packs of cigarettes in front of her, also a cigarette in her finger, and has angel wings.
Connotation - This is very weird, the girl is supposed to be a daddy's girl an angel but has cigarettes, this may say that she is not an angel but a devil. This means that the stereotype of a good girl is being challenged and that an angel is not always good, so the artist may have grown up a well behaved person and now is very naughty.

Detonation - I see funky writing with the swear word Bollocks with the band the sex pistols.
Connotation - This may say that they're funky but also do not care what other's think because Bollocks can mean false or don't care, and they trying to say we do not care about our actions and made up stories so here'some music, enjoy

The Waterloo Road logo, why is it designed like this?

The Waterloo Road logo is built up of school tables, however the tables are arranged in a out of order meaning that the school is not looked after because many teachers like their school tables very neat, however they seem not to here. Also in the introduction scene of Waterloo Road the students are throwing paper balls at each other, work is on the floor and the chairs are not tucked. Not a very typical school with 'OCD' teachers then ay? Therefore this logo connotes many bad things about the school; for example: Both students and teachers do not care about the school and also no respect about the environment in school.

Producers will have a big range of characters to maximise views and exactly what they have done because school life drama will appeal a lot of ages ranging from 9 to even mid 30's. Also many students at a secondary school would like to see what would happen in a poor school because they either like the entertainment of the programme, the storyline or the characters involved. It may also make them privileged that they go to a good school and have a good childhood.

Why would they broadcast the programme at 8pm because thats when both adults and secondary students would be awake. Therefore that is their target market.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What Type of School is Waterloo Road?
Waterloo is a typical school in a deprived area where both students and teachers do not really care about the school. Furthermore you can tell this because none of the students have the same uniform meaning the students do not have any respect for the school, however maybe some of the parents may not be able to afford it?

In a certain scene you see a stereotypical 'chav' who has a cap on sideways and his gestures show that he is well respected and could also be a drug dealer. Furthermore some girls in tracksuits are stealing items from another girls bag, however while this is happening there are 'supposes' to be two teachers supervising but they one is having a cigarette and another looks tired. This shows the teachers do not care and couldn't care about the students but probably about the money the earning for doing nothing!

The head teacher is going mental due to the poor grades and the students not caring and having no respect for the school -  therefore he starts throwing all the exams and marked work at the students because he is gave up, even then students laugh at him and also film him! Moreover, there is no work in the corridors, this shows that the students do not do much work and yet again don't care about the school. 

To conclude, Waterloo Road is a stereo typed school for having all bad problems that schools in deprived areas would have. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Media Diary

Media Diary
I woke up at 7:20 but my alarm did not work, sometimes technology is not helpful therefore my brother woke me up and we got the bus at 7:56 and I send a text to the bus stop which is using media and found out how long till the bus came. 

I got to school at about and just about survived all my lessons, I used my phone for a little bit to play some games which is also using media, but I rarely used media between school time. However when I got out of school I used my phone to ask my Dad if i was able to sleep round my friends house Jack, and later one.

Later at night we used the TV to watch the super cup final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea where Munich won on penalties. Then after that we used the Xbox to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. 

My phone alarm went at 6:50 as I had to wake up early to go to my football training which is Faversham.
Whilst I was on the train I used my phone to send text messages and make calls to Jack because later in the day we were going to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford. After football I used my phone to call Jack when I was back and able to meet him at my house.

After shopping we went back to my house using the DLR, train and the bus where we saw billboards another type of media. 

Yet again we used the TV to watch Geordie Shore and then went to sleep because we were very tired.

I rarely used media today but used my phone to look at instagram and watch Arsenal vs Spurs on the TV, unfortunately Spurs lost:(