Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Waterloo Road logo, why is it designed like this?

The Waterloo Road logo is built up of school tables, however the tables are arranged in a out of order meaning that the school is not looked after because many teachers like their school tables very neat, however they seem not to here. Also in the introduction scene of Waterloo Road the students are throwing paper balls at each other, work is on the floor and the chairs are not tucked. Not a very typical school with 'OCD' teachers then ay? Therefore this logo connotes many bad things about the school; for example: Both students and teachers do not care about the school and also no respect about the environment in school.

Producers will have a big range of characters to maximise views and exactly what they have done because school life drama will appeal a lot of ages ranging from 9 to even mid 30's. Also many students at a secondary school would like to see what would happen in a poor school because they either like the entertainment of the programme, the storyline or the characters involved. It may also make them privileged that they go to a good school and have a good childhood.

Why would they broadcast the programme at 8pm because thats when both adults and secondary students would be awake. Therefore that is their target market.

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