Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What Type of School is Waterloo Road?
Waterloo is a typical school in a deprived area where both students and teachers do not really care about the school. Furthermore you can tell this because none of the students have the same uniform meaning the students do not have any respect for the school, however maybe some of the parents may not be able to afford it?

In a certain scene you see a stereotypical 'chav' who has a cap on sideways and his gestures show that he is well respected and could also be a drug dealer. Furthermore some girls in tracksuits are stealing items from another girls bag, however while this is happening there are 'supposes' to be two teachers supervising but they one is having a cigarette and another looks tired. This shows the teachers do not care and couldn't care about the students but probably about the money the earning for doing nothing!

The head teacher is going mental due to the poor grades and the students not caring and having no respect for the school -  therefore he starts throwing all the exams and marked work at the students because he is gave up, even then students laugh at him and also film him! Moreover, there is no work in the corridors, this shows that the students do not do much work and yet again don't care about the school. 

To conclude, Waterloo Road is a stereo typed school for having all bad problems that schools in deprived areas would have. 

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