Sunday, 1 September 2013

Media Diary

Media Diary
I woke up at 7:20 but my alarm did not work, sometimes technology is not helpful therefore my brother woke me up and we got the bus at 7:56 and I send a text to the bus stop which is using media and found out how long till the bus came. 

I got to school at about and just about survived all my lessons, I used my phone for a little bit to play some games which is also using media, but I rarely used media between school time. However when I got out of school I used my phone to ask my Dad if i was able to sleep round my friends house Jack, and later one.

Later at night we used the TV to watch the super cup final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea where Munich won on penalties. Then after that we used the Xbox to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. 

My phone alarm went at 6:50 as I had to wake up early to go to my football training which is Faversham.
Whilst I was on the train I used my phone to send text messages and make calls to Jack because later in the day we were going to Westfield shopping centre in Stratford. After football I used my phone to call Jack when I was back and able to meet him at my house.

After shopping we went back to my house using the DLR, train and the bus where we saw billboards another type of media. 

Yet again we used the TV to watch Geordie Shore and then went to sleep because we were very tired.

I rarely used media today but used my phone to look at instagram and watch Arsenal vs Spurs on the TV, unfortunately Spurs lost:( 

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  1. Good Harry, Good level of detail for Friday and Saturday, with a start to evaluating how you use the products.

    Try to find extra media that you used on sunday, and keep developing why you have used it.