Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Denotation/Connotation Homework

Detonation - I see a rainbow going through a triangle, on the other side of triangle its a white line or could happen the other way round. It also has a black background.
Connotation - The triangle could suggest that they may be involved with the illuminati, also they may like colors and like rainbows and transformation, the rainbow changes in to a white line. This could mean the artist is a hipster or indie and may like change because the rainbow changes to a white line.                                                                                                                
 Detonation - I see a bay under water with the band logo in the corner, he seems to be naked and has a dollar with him underwater.
Connotation - He may be naked because his parents haven't dressed him, he also may off jumped in the swimming pool because he really wants the dollar and could get candy with it. The could suggest that the artist was a rich child or always looking for money and now his got a lot of money. Nirvana is something you pursue, maybe he or she has always been pursuing money
 Detonation -  I see a man in a shadow with the word cash above his head.
Connotation - The man may be in debt and that's why he is in a black shadow, also he could be depresses and the word 'cash' may suggest that he doesn't enjoy having cash due to the fame or he wants more cash. This could mean he doesn't enjoy how he earns his money or he doesn't want to be seen.

Detonation - I see four mean walking across a zebra crossing in different color suits down a very quiet road.
Connotation - The men may come from different types of upcoming meaning they are crossing, they also look like a bridge across the road and it may be the lead singer at the front and less important part of the band at the back.

Detonation - I see a coastline, with the sea and farmland with tress, also a lighthouse in the distance.
Connotation - This picture may suggest they like being near the coast and living outdoors, it is also in cartoon meaning it could be made up. Also its very stereotypical with the sea blue and the grass perfectly green, it also has no roads meaning it could be secluded.
 Detonation - In this picture i see lines meeting that form mountains.
Connotation - This could mean that they like geography and like how geographical maps work, also they may like certain mountain areas like the peak district or love living adventitiously.
 Detonation - I see the band AC DC and very faintly back black, and a black background.
Connotation - This could suggest they like dark colors and are Goth's, also they may not want people to know what they are bringing back.

Detonation - I see a Christ cross with a yellow outline and a black background.
Connotation - The band may be religious or indie, due to to many indie's these days liking the Christ cross. They may even do this for Easter Sunday due to Jesus being nailed to the cross. This could mean they believe in God and want to make people see that.
Detonation - I see a young girl with two packs of cigarettes in front of her, also a cigarette in her finger, and has angel wings.
Connotation - This is very weird, the girl is supposed to be a daddy's girl an angel but has cigarettes, this may say that she is not an angel but a devil. This means that the stereotype of a good girl is being challenged and that an angel is not always good, so the artist may have grown up a well behaved person and now is very naughty.

Detonation - I see funky writing with the swear word Bollocks with the band the sex pistols.
Connotation - This may say that they're funky but also do not care what other's think because Bollocks can mean false or don't care, and they trying to say we do not care about our actions and made up stories so here'some music, enjoy

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  1. In general Harry, you need much more detail and accuracy for your connotations. Think about what it says about the artist.