Monday, 16 September 2013

How to color splash in Photoshop

How to color splash in Photoshop

How to color splash for dummies:
Firstly you would want a new layer with an image of your choose, after right click on the layer and select the option duplicate layer. 
Secondly, on the duplicated layer press the eye image so the second layer will not appear then click on the first layer again. 
Thirdly choose the layer which has the image and go to the option on the bar at the top that says image, once you have clicked that choose adjustments and for adjustments choose black and white. Once you have done that simply make the second layer visible and then select the eraser to whilst the second layer is selected. 
Lastly hen you have chosen the eraser tool just click and hold with the eraser the area you want your image to have the black and white and leave parts of the image where you want color.

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  1. Solid Harry, but really you need to have shown me that you know how to do this by writing your own steps...