Thursday, 19 September 2013

Induction 3: Justification for TV Logo

Induction 3: Justification for TV Logo
My TV programme logo is to show how the best school beats up the worst school due to the grades, quality of teaching and the facilities available. The characters that will take place are high standard teachers vs low standard teacher, well behaved and high achieving students against students who don't care about their education. The storyline is that certain students and teachers will switch schools for a 3 months.

What tools did I learn whilst making for this Logo:
I learnt whilst using this are the magic wand tool, the gradient tool and moving images without ruining the image. With the magic wand tool i cropped out white backgrounds so i could have the image look nice with the gradient and not look tatty. The gradient was used to make a red corner and blue corner to make it look like a boxing ring, that's why there is a boxing ring in the middle. Also I used the move tool so I could move my images around into the positions I want. I would rate my logo very clean and you will be able to detonate and connote many things. I hope people will understand how the schools will battle it out for a better reputation on the TV programme. I could make the boxing ring look cleaner in the middle and also add a gradient to the boxing ring, also the gradient could look more glossy and have a professional finish.

The tools I used were gradient to make the red and blue background, this makes it seem more like a boxing ring with the blue and red corner so it connotes that the schools are fighting to see which one is better. Also I used the blur tool to blur the edges of the boxing gloves so it would be harder to see the white edges on the boxing gloves.

Further connotations show that the school with graffiti and low grades show that it is a very poor school where the students do not care about their education and it may be in the urban area of London in a very poor area. Where as the other school connotes that it achieves very well and has very traditional handwriting showing that the school is full of students who want to do well and it is shown by the A*'s in the logo showing the the fight between the schools and which school is better.

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  1. LOGO: C2 - A really nice idea and a selection of photoshop skills developed through the design. I feel that less is more and the design could be simplified and give more connotations and meaning.
    T: Research existing TV logos to develop your understanding of design.

    EVAL: C3 - The evaluation offers a good account of what you learnt through the process but lacks specific tools used. However there is no sense of the connotations and meaning generated by your logo.
    T: Make sure you analyse the connotations of your logo.