Thursday, 24 October 2013

Photoshop Homework.2 Hazy Lights

Photoshop Homework. 2
Hazy Lights

Step 1: Under the channels palette on the image press cmd+click on the RGB channel to load the brightness levels as a selection.

Step 2: Return to the layers palette and create a new Curves layer. The selection will automatically be loaded as a mask.

Step 3: Afterwards press Alt+Click on the mask icon on the Layers palette. A black and white representation of the mask will come up over the image. Once you have done that press cmd+m to bring the curves adjustment. This is adjusting the mask you just loaded. Drag the leftmost point on that curve you want to edit to the right, this will black out the brightest white parts of the image. Then click the eye icon on the layer to view the layer as normal. 

Step 4: Select the layer mask icon and blur it by clicking on filter then blur then Gaussian Blur and choose 5 pixels because this looks very professional. 

Step 5: Put a point at around 80% on the curve you want to alter and pull it up this will brighten the area around the light and then the blurry layer will add the hazy factor to the lights or sparks.




This is a really good piece of work and you have a step by step guide. It is missing a little clarity though, without any print screens.

T: Use print screens to show the process & perhaps consider showing an example that you have made using this tool.

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